Is Megan Fox Actually Pregnant? And Seriously, How Hot Will That Baby Be?


Megan Fox is probably most well-known for her Marilyn Monroe tatt, her beef with Michael Bay and her bending real, real far over a motorcycle in the Transformers movies. Megan also played a child-hating hottie in her recent comedy Friends With Kids, but maybe it’s time we expanded our minds a little and began thinking of her as a person capable of bringing life into the world. No, we did not type the word “MILF.” Your brain just read it that way! According to RadarOnline, the This Is 40 actress and her husband of a year and a half Brian Austin Green are allegedly expecting their first child together. “They just found out and are incredibly excited,” their source claims. He or she also alleges that the “pregnancy was unexpected,” a detail that makes us raise one thin, sultry, Angelina Jolie-esque eyebrow at the validity of this rumor entirely. Still, Fox would look super-cute with a baby belly, so we’re going to hope for the time being that it’s true. No one can stop us from believing! Well, okay, Megan Fox could, but she hasn’t yet!

Megan is currently stepmom to Brian’s son Kassius, whom he had with ex Vanessa Marcil. “It’s still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members,” the source claims. “Megan has become a great stepmom, and Brian knows she’ll be wonderful with the baby.” More importantly, can we discuss how ridiculously attractive this child is going to be? The only infant in the nursery with razor-sharp cheekbones. Seriously.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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