TNT’s Dallas Reboot Takes Place Inside A Giant Shower Or Something


The poster for TNT’s highly-anticipated somewhat known about reboot of the series Dallas has taken the web by duststorm today. Were there duststorms on Dallas? There will be now! Twit-vote for your favorite duststorms using the hashtag #TNTweKnowDUSTma!

Because the actual poster already looks like a joke, featuring the entire new cast standing in a huge shower together (an homage to one of the original show’s famously fan-angering moments), we’ve just gone ahead and taken it the next 10% and finished the self-parody.

Behold, the poster for the new TNT Dallas reboot:

Instead of the original Dallas theme song, they’re gonna use the Top Chef fake Dallas theme.

And instead of “Who shot J.R.?”, it’s gonna be “Who did that one dude crush with his abs?” Answer: Everyone. (I watched an advanced screener).

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