Rihanna Does Her Best Not To Flash The Crowd In Foggy London Town


The problem with wearing a fabulous oversized multicolored tuxedo jacket with nothing underneath is that once you get outside your hotel and are confronted with the wind, the screaming fans and the red carpet, you are still only wearing a fabulous oversized multicolored tuxedo jacket with nothing underneath.  Rihanna know what we’re talking about, seeing as how she happened to run into this exact problem while promoting Battleship in London today. Luckily, RiRi immediately launched Operation Enduring Nip Slip and a crisis was narrowly averted.

In fact, check out the gallery to see Rihanna demonstrate all the awkward, unnatural hand motions that can be used to cover up a gaping neckline. There’s making a half-wave! Folding your arms! Forming a shadow puppet bird with your hands and then holding it over your sternum! And finally, for those new to potential wardrobe malfunctiosn, there is literally grabbing your dress with your finger tips and struggling desperately to hold it closed! It’s like we always always say: fashion is learning. And what’s the lesson we learned here to today? You can remember it with an easy-to-remember acronym. AHDSTYIYDNWYBHO: Always Have Double-Sided Tape, Ya’ll, If You Do Not Want Your Business Hanging Out.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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