5 Photos Of Michael Fassbender In Birthday Hats


Today marks not only our first day here on BWE.tv without the irreplaceable Michelle Collins (we are in extreme tragic denial and thus cannot emotionally elaborate on this sad fact), but it also JUST SO HAPPENS to be the birthday of one Michael Fassbender, aka, quite possibly Michelle’s most-covered hot topic of all time.

In honor of both Mr. Fassbender’s birthday and Michelle’s impossibly-timed departure, we present on her behalf this imaginary list of 5 Photos Of Michael Fassbender In Party Hats:






Did that get weird? It got a little weird.

SEE??? This is why we need Michelle – she would’ve just made it weird in the first half of the first intro sentence before the photos even started, so we’d just be nice and evenly weird from then on. NO ONE CAN COVER THE FASSBEAT THE SAME WAY AGAINNNNNNNNN….

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