You Will Learn So Much About Nick Cannon’s Kidneys From His Docuseries


We all remember how mysterious it was when Nick Cannon was rushed to the hospital for kidney failure and blood clots back in January. Looks like Mariah Carey‘s hubby is hoping to demystify the autoimmune disease that forced him to quit his radio show in February with a seemingly awesome, unquestionably invasive web series entitled NCredible Health Hustle. The show will chronicle Cannon’s recovery and healthy journey. The first episode, posted today, already offers a plethora of extremely intimate moments. For example:

  • Nicki’s face, all puffy from fluid retention. “Some people say it looks good, but I want to get back to chiseled,” he laughs.
  • Talk of a renal diet.
  • Nick’s severe kidney pain.
  • Cannon trying to jam his pants on over his elaborate torso bandages.
  • Nick’s incredibly dapper “retired gang member” grandfather.
  • The inside of the Cannon/Carey crib, complete with twin baby seats.
  • Nick eating a banana. “There’s no tough way to eat a banana,” he realizes, before chowing down and giggling behind his hand.

“[I’m] hoping this series serves as inspiration for anyone dealing with kidney disease, lupus or any illness to keep pushing as well.”,” Cannon told UsWeekly. Aw, well, who are we to judge someone who is trying to use his TMI to help other people? It’s not any more personal than us posting about our weird toenail on Facebook. Hmm…we smell another web series! And our weird toe nail!

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