Whitney Houston Rises And Shines In The New Sparkle Trailer


Whitney Houston might be rocking curlers, a house coat and the role of sensible wet blanket mom to Jordin Sparks‘ budding singer, but Houston still manages to steal the show in the new Sparkle trailer, which premiered this morning on the Today show. After a 16-year absence from the big screen, we almost forgot what a natural Whitney was. Also, that house coat is kind of fabulous. We are all about the mint green!

As gorgeous as Whitney looks and as angelic as she sounds (because you know they weren’t about to release a trailer that didn’t highlight that voice), it’s sort of shocking how certain themes in the movie seem to parallel Houston’s real life. Guess she wanted it that way? Set to be released August 17, Sparkle is, according to IMDB, about “Three sisters [who] form a successful singing group and must deal with the fallout of fame and drugs.” As Houston’s world-weary Emma warns her talented daughters in the trailer, “Was my life not enough of a cautionary tale to you?” Wow. As if we didn’t want Whitney Houston to name us “Sparkle” and warn us not to have kids out of wedlock already! We already know our cheeks are going to be as damp as Cee-Lo Green‘s when we see this movie, thought ours will be from tears.

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