British Journalist Who Says “Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful” Gets Doused With Internet Haterade


Oh gurl. Samantha Brick is a lady – a nice looking lady – who went on a tear in the Daily Mail (of course) yesterday about how her beauty makes men do absurdly nice things like offer her free champagne and flowers. Sounds like a great life! (*looks at my own empty champagne glasses and vase, sighs*) But alas, there is a twist to this story. According to Samantha, being a “tall, slim, blonde” babe means there are “downsides to being pretty — the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks.” Surely you see where this is going, person who understands how the Internet works?

Yes, it turns out there’s also a downside to writing an article about your beauty alongside no less than seven photos of yourself – the Internet will go berserk on your ass. 4761 comments later and the general consensus of readers seems to be along the lines of, “You’re so vain, you probably think this comment is about you. Which it is. Because you’re vain and also not that pretty.” Or, as Maryann from New Zealand says: “OMG is this woman for real? Who does she think she is.I know and have seen much more attractive women then her.Her ego is huge.Get over yourself love.You are not going to win Miss World anytime soon!” Samantha’s also trending on Twitter because that’s how the world works these days, and the hashtag #samanthabrickfacts is churning out jokes about her vanity that we don’t quite get due to the use of British slang like “mingers.” (It means “ugly person.” Of course!)

And while Samantha certainly has a valid message, which we think is “jealousy is lame” and “let’s just be nice to each other, humans,” she’s really taught us something deeper: never under-estimate the power of anonymous-ish commenters on the web to call you out on your bulls**t.

[Photo: The Daily Mail]

[Hey dudes, what’s up – this is Kate Spencer from VH1 News and TheFabLife, and I’ll be dropping some posts over here at BWE for a couple of weeks. Bear with me as I try to clunkily keep up with Dan’s LOL genius.]


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