Levi Johnston’s Super Sperm Gets Another Woman Pregnant


Look out, world. Levi Johnston has spawned another child. Are we ready for this? We think not. TMZ is reporting that his new babymamma is Sunny Oglesby, a 20-year-old schoolteacher from his hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. You know who else is from there, right? Bristol Palin — his other babymamma. Levi’s not going to rest until he knocks up the entire town, is he?

The word from sources is that Sunny is currently not even three months pregnant and isn’t showing yet. You think the Palins will be there for the baby shower? We think not, since Sarah Palin isn’t exactly his biggest fan. Levi’s also been telling folks that they’ve made it very difficult for him to visit his and Bristol’s son, Tripp. Does anyone know if Levi pays any child support? Is he involved financially in his son’s life? Sunny should definitely be asking those questions right about now! And maybe should look into birth control for the future.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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