15 Years After Setting Sail, Check In With The Cast Of Titanic


100 years after setting off on her doomed voyage, the Titanic is back in the headlines and back on the big screen! In honor of the ill-fated ocean liner’s centennial anniversary, director James Cameron has sent his record breaking blockbuster Titanic into another round of theatrical release. But this time the larger than life spectacle gets the 3-D treatment, so you’ll be able to see that steamy car love-scene like never before!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the film first took the world (and the Oscars) by storm. It made an even-bigger star out of Leonardo DiCaprio, brought Kate Winslet to worldwide prominence, and probably bought James Cameron a couple dozen yachts or something. But despite the boatload of success stories, many faces from Titanic have been lost in the great sea of Hollywood bit parts. Billy Zane, where art thou!? Never fear, movie fans; we’ve managed to track down all of your Titanic favorites. Full speed a head to the gallery below to see how they look, and what they’ve been up to!

[Photo: Paramount/Getty Images]

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Bonus: Our friends at NextMovie found out how excited the people of Staten Island are for the movie’s re-release.

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