Christina Aguilera Steps Away From The Red Lipstick For A Mini-Makeunder


Christina Aguilera has been rocking the same platinum curls and scarlett mouth for as long as we can remember. Unfortunately, we can’t remember a day past the release of Burlesque in theaters. Frankly, we’ve been hoping for a little change. Not that Xtina can’t pull off the neo-Mae West look; it’s just that it’s a lot of look. And with a lot of look, a lot can go wrong. Which it did. Pretty frequently. Stepping out last night at L.A.’s Little Door restaurant, however, Aguilera looked refreshingly natural with a blow-out and a pale lip. Rarely would someone looking more like Amanda Bynes qualify as a makeunder, but here we are, ladies and gentlemen. Here we are.

Even Christina’s look on The Voice last night was toned down, what with the straight hair and nude lip. Then, once Xtina left her on-camera gig, she….she…she obviously took off some of her make-up! We could not be more psyched, you guys! We knew there had to be a happy medium between “Dirrty”-style leather chaps and real-life Betty Boop! So what do you think? Do you like the scaled-back Xtina, or do you miss her blond curls and bright lips already? What should Aguilera do if she really wants to look killer?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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