Coco And Ice-T Could Join The Circus (Please, Make This Happen)


We knew Coco and Ice-T are a couple of many talents. We have also seen plenty of evidence on TV, Twitter and interviews that they’re often just like regular people, despite those ample talents. So when VH1 News caught up with the adorable twosome at the New York premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour, we asked if, like the rest of us, they had fantasies of running away and joining the circus. Or the cirque. And oh, they have more than just fantasies.

“I was in gymnastics in high school, so I did the high bars, parallel bars, pommel horse, so …,” Ice revealed, leading us to believe that he had a whole backup plan if that rap thing didn’t pan out.

“I think I’m the flexible one in the house,” Coco put in. And her hubby agreed, “Yeah, she would be the contortionist,” before the interview devolved into talk of the kind of flexibility you don’t show off onstage. Anyway, yeah, we’ve seen evidence of Coco’s flexibility.

And strength!

“When I watch Cirque du Soleil, I picture I could be in the outfits,” Coco said. “I could be doing the little tumble turns. If you show me how to do it, I could do it!”

“Yeah, she’s athletic as hell,” Ice agreed. Um, I smell a spin-off show, E!

[Photos: Twitter]

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