Emily Blunt Is A Much Better Actress If You Tease Her About Her Pubes


Did you ever think that Salmon Fishing in the Yemen would be worth seeing if Emily Blunt had been publicly embarrassed about her bush during filming? Still no, right? Why did they ever green-light that movie? Luckily, Blunt’s upcoming film Your Sister’s Sister had way more behind-the-scenes bush humiliation. I’m not saying that means it’ll be a better movie; I’m just saying it can’t hurt.

“I remember one scene when the director Lynn Shelton came up to Rosemarie DeWitt and whispered in her ear, ‘Say something that would really embarrass Emily’. So Rose told this story that involves my nether regions,” Blunt admitted to Elle UK. “Basically, her friend was going out with this boy and he’d said to her, ‘I think you need to shave your pubic hair because it’s really pouffey in your underwear,’ and so we’re doing this scene and Rosemarie just goes [adopts American accent], ‘Do you remember when Chris told you to shave your bush?’ I went completely crimson, I was so mortified. For the first time ever on film, I cried with laughter and they caught it, they captured that golden moment when it was completely genuine.”

Aw, let’s start handing out Golden Globe noms right now! Plus, is there any more adorable way to spell ‘pouffey’? Plus, now that guy Chris knows that he helped create a work of art, which must be a nice change from being a big sack of worms all the time.


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