Emma Stone Talks Kissing Co-Stars, Gets Punked By Spiders On The Ellen Show


If Emma Stone got any cuter, she’d turn into a koala bear or something. It’s just futile to resist her charms. Have a look at this clip of her on The Ellen Degeneres Show to see what we’re talking about. She’s also remarkably well composed when asked whether Ryan Gosling or Andrew Garfield (her real-life boyfriend) — her co-stars on Crazy, Stupid Love and the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man — was the better kisser. That’s the sort of question that would make us spontaneously combust. Not Emma, though. She mused, “Apples and oranges you know,” and then pondered the question. When Ellen prompted, “So is it an apple or an orange?” Emma hit back with, “I love all fruit!” Yes, and we’d like to partake.

Hijinks also ensued when Ellen pranked her with a fake spider. It turns out that Emma — and this is ironic for someone starring in Spider-Man — is afraid of spiders. Ellen wanted to make her face her fear head-on. Cue insane Emma Stone cuteness.

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