Lauren Conrad Takes Her Top Off For Glamour


Way to barrel back onto the radar, Lauren Conrad! She’s on the May cover for Glamour in nothing but a flirty pair of bikini bottoms. It’s artistically done, of course — all her naughty bits are covered up, so all you can see is a hint of sideboob. And it is somewhat appropriate considering this is Glamour‘s swimsuit issue, so expect to be bombarded with the word “body image” and pep talks about confidence. Lauren does sell it well, though. We have to admit she looks really pretty up here.

The sneak peek given of L.C.’s interview thankfully steers clear of anything to do with cellulite busting, but focuses instead on The Hills. Which is a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire, really. She revealed how they were prompted by producers while on the show, saying, “During shooting, the producers would send us quick text messages telling us what to talk about. They couldn’t walk through the shot, so they’d just text me, like, ‘Say something quick about this story line.’ That’s why we were always checking our phones!” That’s reality television for you. Everything is so unscripted.

[Photo via Glamour Magazine]

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