Let’s All Go See Val Kilmer’s One-Man-Show Called CITIZEN TWAIN


Take a guess what Val Kilmer has been up to in his post-MacGruber resurgence. If you said “Starring in a one-man show about Mark Twain that he wrote and directed called CITIZEN TWAIN,” then you are very weird for guessing that specific thing but you are exactly correct!

Behold, VAL TWAINMER – this is a real poster:

The Critics are raving: “KILM ME NOW!”

Our friend Sarah Walker had the opperTwainity to see Val Kilmer’s Citizen Twain this week and wrote this detailed review, and it sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted in a Val Kilmer one-man-show, including him breaking the fourth wall for a Batman Forever joke and awkwardly using the N-Word a lot (just like he did in At First Sight).

Which brings me to my next point: Who is coming with me to the Val Kilmer Mark Twain one-man-show entitled CITIZEN TWAIN? (I cannot say any part of this sentence enough)

Hopefully this show gets super-popular and fixes Val Kilmer’s unfortunate Google prompts:

(Thanks, @swalks!)

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