12 Photos Of Game Of Thrones Tween King Joffrey Baratheon That Will Make You Hate Him A Little Less


Actor Jack Gleeson

Game of Thrones Jack Gleeson

Before Game Of Thrones premiered on HBO last year, I was one of those people who assumed it was going to be a vaguely Middle Earth-y, Medieval-y show that I would watch to placate my husband, who was a fan of the books (and who who actually chastised me for misspelling incest-loving blond bombshell Jaime Lannister‘s name in a tweet the other day). Basically, I was prepared to hate this show. But I do not hate it, in fact I like it very much. But I do hate f*cking Joffrey.

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Joffrey Baratheon (cough *Lannister* cough) is a funny-looking child of twin incestuous parents, a teenage king who slaps his own mother, beheads his future father-in-law (Sansa, DM me if you need to talk, gurl), and feasts gaily on knights who fight to the death for his own amusement. In short, he’s a dickhole.

But you know who doesn’t look like a dickhole? Jack Gleeson, the teenage actor who plays Joffrey. In fact, he’s downright adorable! Whoever is running Jack-Gleeson.com is doing a great job making me hate this kid less now that I’ve seen him out of character. How is that possible, you ask? Here are twelve reasons.

[Photos: Jack-Gleeson.com]

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