There Are So Many Photos Of Kim And Kanye’s Date In NYC, It’s Like We’re There!


Wow, looks like the song worked, Yeezy! Less than a day after we heard Kanye confess to falling love with Kim Kardashian in his new song “Theraflu”, the two love birds have been photographed approximately one million times in each other’s company in New York. Lunching at Serafina’s, shopping at Jeffrey’s, picking up a few things at FAO Schwartz, and that’s just today! Us Weekly reports that Kim and Kanye allegedly spent an evening at the theater last night seeing the Macbeth-inspired show Sleep No More, before mooning over each other during a concert at Manderlay Bar. It must be true love if they are really highly visible, right? Take some notes, Hova and Bey!

But while you could basically make a flip book of Kim and Kanye’s recent romantic adventures, we still can’t tell anything about their relationship. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but do you really think Kanye and Kim are doing much talking? So we used our imagination to fill in the blanks:

“Of course I love hanging out with your friends at FAO Schwarz, babe. That’s how I know I actually like you. If not, me and my blazer would be so, so out of here.”

“Ugh, when are those kids getting off the giant Piano Mat? Yes, I agree, Ye.  There should be some sort of time limit.”

“And this is my Finding Nemo impression. It’s one of two. The other one is more of a thinker…”

“Tell me if I have something in my teeth. No, look at my teeth. Stop fondling those leather gloves for two seconds and check. What? Of course that leather is buttery. Where do you think we’re shopping, Sears? Oh, speaking of which, I have to call them about our fall line…”

“Hey, those little jerks finally got off the Piano Mat! Are we doing this are not? Yeah, I like you a lot too. But I’d like you a lot better if we were acting out that scene from Big right now!”

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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