Salma Hayek’s Fierceness Is The Only Reason We Will Be Seeing Savages


Okay, sure, the idea of Blake Lively in a menage a relationship with Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson is pretty hot. So is the sun-soaked world of California pot farmers, Mexican wrestling masks and an extremely random cameo from John Travolta. Based on the trailer for Oliver Stone‘s new crime thriller Savages, however, if we do end up seeing this movie, it will be due entirely to the presence of Salma Hayek. Well, Salma and Salma’s bangs. 60% Salma + 40% Salma’s bangs = 100% fierceness.

In the action flick due out July 6, Hayek stars as Elena, the leader of a drug cartel who kidnaps Lively as a way to manipulate Kitsch and Johnson into submitting to her flawless power. Benicio Del Toro costars as an actor who is lucky enough to receive Salma’s choreographed rage-slaps. Oh wait…that’s who he is, not who he’s playing. Have we seen some of these elements before? Sure. But have we seen Salma Hayek engineer a high-stakes kidnapping while wearing summer white? We don’t think so. On a related note, who knew you could be the head of an international crime syndicate and look so pulled together? What can’t this woman do? Check out the Hayek highlights from the trailer that make our fingers itchy to dial Moviefone:

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