That ’70s Show Lisa Robin Kelly’s GMA Interview Is Heartbreaking


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If you were holding off on watching Lisa Robin Kelly‘s Good Morning America interview for fear that it would be too sad…you really hit the nail on the head this time. “My poor mother has to look at that picture of me,” the That ’70s Show star wept when confronted with her recent mugshot. “That doesn’t look like me. That’s not me.” When asked by ABC News’ Abbie Boudreau if she was on any substances when she was arrested this past weekend on domestic abuse charges, the actress fervently denied it. “There is nothing that I was on or abusing at that time,” she declares, while adding that abuse allegations made by her ex John Michas were “all bunch of made-up stuff!” Good, because we could not deal with this situation getting any more tragic.

To whit, Kelly also discussed her alcoholism, instigated by the loss of a baby. “With the ’70s Show, I was guilty of the drinking problem, and I ran,” Kelly admits, before concluding happily, “If I can make it through this, I can make it through anything.” Then just when you think you won’t have to grab any more tissues, Katie Couric adds, “It sort of seems like she’s kind of unraveling, doesn’t she?” Katie, come on! We mean, clearly! Obviously! But you don’t have to say it out loud! 

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