Chris Klein Has To Wash His Feet Before Going To Bed…And Other Amazing Things The Actor Told Us


Hey guys – Kate Spencer here. I’m the West Coast Correspondent for VH1 News which is a fancy way of saying I interview celebrities on red carpets a lot. It’s pretty fun, especially when you get to talk to people you crushed on when you were 19 and wearing giant skater pants on a daily basis. Enter  Chris Klein, he of American Pie and Election and dating Katie Holmes fame. Turns out the former apple of my late 90s eye is now someone who needs to wipe his feet of before he gets in bed every night.Kinda makes me fall in love all over again!

I discovered this magical tidbit while subjecting Chris to my “speed round” questions on the American Reunion red carpet, and he was nice enough to play along. In just two minutes you can learn everyone you need to know about Chris Klein – mainly that he’s a super-clean Journey enthusiast whose spirit animal is the dolphin. Wonderful weirdness ensues in the clip above; American Reunion is out in theaters today.

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