We Were This Close To Seeing Katy Perry In The Help


We all know The Help was a solid motion picture; an Oscar win for Octavia Spencer and noms for Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain prove that much. But can you imagine how amazing the movie would be if it had also featured one Ms. Katy Perry? Or at least how different? Or at least how completely insane? According to Katy Perry’s Teen Vogue interview this month, we were but a few promo concerts away from finding out. “There was a time when I was going to be involved in The Help — just a small part, I wasn’t going to be Emma Stone or anything — but I couldn’t because the shooting schedule conflicted with the release of my record,” the “Part of Me” singer explained. This is the point where we could point out that Katy somehow made time to costar in The Smurfs last year, but that just seems cruel. Not being in The Help is punishment enough.

Said Perry, “…I was upset about that; I knew it was going to be an important film. Not that I need to do drama first, but I do want to do something that makes a strong impression.” That makes us wonder…what role would Katy have filled? Would she be serving up something as substantial as Bryce Dallas Howard‘s evil Hilly?  Would she have had a piece of that pie? Or would Skeeter have attended some random sock hop featuring a 1960s version of Katy? Sadly, the world will never know!

[Photo: Dreamworks/ Getty Images]

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