Thanks, Easter Bunny…Bok Bok! The Five Best Easter Commercials Of Yore


As a kid, I was conditioned to cherish that brief, six-week window when Saturday morning cartoons were interrupted by the parade of soft, cuddly animals auditioning to replace the Cadbury bunny in the run-up to Easter. Cadbury still shows the occasional bok-bok-ing bunny commercial, but beyond that, Easter as a marketing ploy seems to have fizzled out for some reason. Which is too bad because Easter used to provide some great marketing opportunities. My top five Easter commercials of all time? I’m glad you asked.

5. M&Ms

I love that this commercial is basically a Benetton ad of diversity that extended to time-traveling children who are beaten by their peers for candy.

4. Paas

“When I was growing up and you wanted to color Easter eggs, there was only one game in town. PAAS!”

3. Toys ‘R’ Us

I’m not sure if this Toys ‘R’ Us commercial is a “f*cking like rabbits” reference or what, but I could listen to these bunnies sing all day.

2. Care Bears Easter Baskets

“A Care Bear’s tummy shows just what you’re feeling in your heart,” is what the Double Rainbow guy was probably thinking about before he looked up at the sky.

1. The Cadbury Bunny

The all-time classic. I would attempt to crack my Cadbury Eggs down the middle to achieve the perfect results in this commercial, only to fail every time. (I would also try to get my toothpaste to curl in an S-shape on my toothbrush a la Aquafresh and squirt my mustard in a perfect squiggle on my hot dogs. Admitting this feels like a weight has been lifted.)

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