Kelly Osbourne Calls Out Haters Who Branded Her A “C-Word” Over Gray Hair


Pretty much everyone looked infinitely fabulous on the NewNowNext Awards red carpet last Friday, but host Kelly Osbourne was killing it in particular with her lavender gray dye job. While we personally think she looks smoking hot in a Alexander-Hamilton-meets-Judy-Jetson way, Kelly’s haters initially attacked her new look…until the fashion world declared it badass and they changed their minds. “I got called the c-word by everyone on Twitter when I dyed my hair gray and they told me I was stupid,” Osbourne explained on the red carpet. “Then the Chanel ads came out and everyone’s like, ‘I love it!'” Man, if only Karl Lagerfeld could do a Chanel ad campaign every time Kelly needed normos to understand her fierceness. Also, are people really getting that worked up over gray hair? They must be really stroking out over that whole half-shaved hair trend, then…

Laughed Osbourne, “I like it; I don’t care what anyone says.” Check out Kelly’s silvery locks, plus her non-stop outfit changes and the rest of the attendee’s fashion excellence at the awards show on Logo tonight at 10pm/ET. Decide for yourself if Kelly’s look is Grey Gardens or…well, Grey Gardens, but in like an awesome  way. We think which one we’re going with.

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