Sofia Vergara Shows Us What’s So Funny About The Hunger Games


We’ve been worried sick about the news that Gary Ross and Lionsgate are still on the fence about whether the director will return for The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. (Negotiations are ongoing as of Monday, we hear.) Would anyone else be able to nail the tone of this story the way he did? But now, we’ve decided not to fret, thanks to Sofia Vergara and Saturday Night Live, who showed us what the movie would be like in the hands of someone, well, less reverent.

In a pink Effie Trinket wig, Vergara shimmied, laughed and gave a great Univision-worthy yell as the Capitol’s newest Hunger Games correspondent, Maria Gutierrez, reporting live from the arena and enjoying herself immensely as the kids stab each other nearby. And in the studio, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen yukked it up as Claudius and Caesar, echoing a number of silly sports news show SNL’s done over the years.

As Vergara poked a camouflaged Peeta’s (Andy Samberg) wound and gobbled up berries from Katniss (Abby Elliot), the whole skit started to seem like just the thing the Capitol citizens would be watching at home. Maybe the Districts would air the more threatening, somber version we saw in the movie, but we suspect those folks sporting pink wigs and matching poodles might have more of a taste for the “Funger Games,” as Sofia’s reporter put it. And the sponsor line, “Tylenol – Got a spear in your head? Tylenol!,” sounds like the exact reason for those parachutes.

Also, we could totally imagine our dogs volunteering as tributes for the Hunger Games Puppy Bowl.

Here’s the whole clip. Tell us if we’re crazy for ever thinking humor and dystopia could go hand in hand.

[Photos: NBC]

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