Melissa Gilbert’s Dancing With The Stars Injury Brings Out The Hero In Gavin DeGraw


Man, as beneficial as a good run on Dancing With the Stars can be for celebrities looking for a comeback the show is also quite hazardous to their health. Last night, Melissa Gilbert was rushed to the hospital after her performance and later tweeted that she was treated for “mild concussion and whiplash.” Amazingly, her paso doble with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, which earned a 22. That’s what separates stars from normal people, isn’t it? We would have been lying down and crying, like, right away.

And speaking of people not acting like normal people, Gavin DeGraw was a total hero last night. He carried Melissa down the stairs like a knight in shining armor. “I think anybody would have done it,” he told People. “She wasn’t feeling good. I think she hit her head, so I asked her if she wanted to lay down or something. So we decided maybe it’d be best to get her out of the skybox so I carried her. It was further than I thought! It dawned on me how far it was when my arms wouldn’t work anymore.”

Check out Gavin DeGraw’s backstage video diary on VH1 Tuner.

Just in case you’re wondering why it wasn’t Maks sweeping Melissa off her feet, it turns out he injured his elbow earlier during rehearsal. Geez. Meanwhile, Maria Menounos is limping around with fractured ribs and a stress fracture in her foot, too. The show must get a special deal with the nearby hospital and orthopedic surgeons: Jennifer Grey, Jewel, Steve-O and Misty May-Treanor are just some of the stars who wound up with fractures and ruptures and tears from their ballroom efforts. Maybe ABC should start something safer, like Skydiving With the Stars?

[Photos: ABC]

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