New Girl Star Lamorne Morris Shares Brilliant (Terrible) Condom Fashion Idea


On New Girl, Lamorne Morris’ Winston is a pretty smooth guy, current status as a “manny” notwithstanding. Which is why we were surprised to learn that in real life, the actor has zero sense of style and a rather weird sense of what’s sexy, at least according to him. He showed up on the red carpet of the NewNowNext Awards looking laid-back and handsome in a lavender shirt, light-gray blazer with white piping and black jeans, but took no credit for his outfit when he spoke to our own Kate Spencer.

“I cannot dress myself,” he admitted. “If it were up to me, I would be wearing a diaper and a tank top. Maybe a Mr. T gold chain. Maybe some brass knuckles. Maybe a tattoo on my face. I don’t know. I am the worst dresser in the world. Maybe a diamond-studded condom. I have no idea what I would have been wearing.”

Hold on. Did he just say “diamond-studded condom”? Ow.

“Diamond condoms are all the rage,” Morris continued, clearly on a roll. “Reusable condoms. Condoms with zippers on it. Look, I’m going to patent this idea. You heard it here first: Diamond studded condoms, reusable condoms with a ziplock seal, maybe a zipper for her pleasure or his pleasure, depending on who you’re doing with the condom. If this can air, that would be great so when someone tries to do it I can sue the hell out of them.”

Double ow.

By the way, when you watch the video above, New Girl fans, you might notice that his way of speaking in lists sounds a lot more like Schmidt than like Winston. Maybe they have all started to talk like each other after spending all that time together. That thought warms our heart and almost makes us forget this zipper idea. Almost.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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