Titanic Bathtub Plug: Too Soon Or NOT SOON ENOUGH?


Are you looking to honor the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy, but can’t afford a $19 Heart Of The Ocean? Here’s an even worse way to spend your money – a new Titanic-themed bathtub plug lovingly called “TUBTANIC”:

I can see how people might be upset by this thing cheapening the Titanic’s emotional legacy, but it doesn’t seem deliberately harmful, it’s just a cheap plastic toy that…wait… uhoh:

Relatives of passengers who died aboard the Titanic have criticised a ‘Tubtanic’ bathplug for being “distasteful” and “sick”. The plastic ship is designed to look like the doomed liner and appears to sink when water fills the bath.

WAHHHHH-WOOWWWWWW. So it is pretty awful after all.

Check out the Tubtanic tragedy in action (NSFTubs):

Mmm, yeah, that does seem pretty intentional. Not to mention the instructions on the side say “Insert the plug, fill the tub with water, then re-enact the famous maiden voyage!”

They could’ve thrown in something positive? Like an even tinier car inside the boat that Jack and Rose can have steamy sex in? (Jack and Rose are both aphids.)

(Pics via Splash News)

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