Welcome To The Cardboard Arcade! Try Not To Get Tears On Your Fun Pass!


Caine Monroy has a business to run, people! Yes, that business is a cardboard arcade that he made out in his dad’s auto-parts shop in East L.A., but still! Caine has a business card, an employee uniform and a bunch of calculators taped to the boxes for security. So, do you want to play the claw machine that he made himself out of a hook and some yarn, or do you want to stand there crying silently at all the heartbreaking sweetness in the world?

Yes, it’s sweet that Caine’s only customer Nirvan Mullick made a short film about him, and then organized a flash mob on Reddit to stop by and play all of Caine’s cardboard games, but he’s got to make sure there’s a steady flow of nickels into this business. Caine isn’t made out of money here! He’s made out goodness and hope and adorable crooked-tooth smiles.

(Caine’s Arcade, via losangeles.neighborhoodr)

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