Alec Baldwin Tweets He’s “Leaving NBC” After Today Segment On Stalker


Oh, man, Today producers, you’ve done it this time. Maybe. Alec Baldwin has been posting all morning about how the morning show had a crew camped outside his apartment building to tape a segment about his accused stalker, Genevieve Sabourin. And the latest one sounds like he’s directing his ire at the entire network, all but saying that he’s leaving 30 Rock:


Actually, Baldwin began tweeting about journalists at his place late last night: “Outside my apt, “journalists” from the Post camped out to talk to me about stalking. They camped out all day. Wait. Isn’t that…….?”

And then early this morning he ID’d the Today crew. “A story about stalking sure brings out the stalkers in the media. But, the Today Show?” he complained. “No one from NBC contacted me until the Today Show arrived at my apt.”

Baldwin is notoriously short-tempered, but we can understand why this kind of attention is unnerving after the arrest of Sabourin, a woman he is said to have gone on two dates with years ago. We especially get that he might be even more pissed because now his new fiancee, Hilaria Thomas, is wrapped up in it too. And it sounds like there was one more victim this morning: “A photographer attempting to snap a shot of @hilariathomas backed up into and tripped over a baby in a stroller. Man…..,” he wrote.

Well, we’ll keep you updated on Baldwin’s 30 Rock status. If he’s leaving, it probably isn’t as a result of this incident — but if her were in a better mood, he probably would have kept his mouth shut until something more official came about.

Here’s the offending Today segment.

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