Betty White Uses Her New Twitter Account To Its Fullest


I could be wrong about this, but it seems like the best part about getting older is that it becomes increasingly socially acceptable to act like a total perv. Right? Memaws and pepaws can get away with saying things the rest of us would be escorted to H.R. for, because we all think they must be joking. Betty White’s brand-new Twitter account knows what I’m talking about!

“Haha! Oh Betty, you’re so silly,” we all chortle, even as her hand inches ever higher up our thighs. I guess that’s sort of the entire premise of Off Their Rockers? God, the elderly are clever. Clever and horny. To whit:

Haha! good luck girl! That guy is like a locked bank vault. And inside that vault, a mountain of slightly damaged veneers!

(Betty White’s Twitter)

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