Enjoy Every Second Of Anderson Cooper’s On-Camera Baby Giggle Fit


Some of you might have forgotten about Anderson Cooper‘s adorable child-like snicker. It has been a little while since Cooper lost his damn mind on “The Ridiculist” this past August while talking about French actor Gerard Depardieu going number one in front of his fellow (horrified) passengers on an Air France flight. Luckily for you, Anderson couldn’t contain his glee while reporting on Buffalo, New York’s annual Dyngus Day last night, and the world was once again blessed with his absurdly cute tittering. Listen to it! It’s like a Smurf enjoying a knock-knock joke! It’s like cartoon sunshine…for your ears!

The second best part of Cooper busting a gut on camera? All the painful squee faces he makes trying to hold it together long. Fortunately, we captured each and every grimace for your giggling pleasure:

Here is where Anderson Cooper realizes that he cannot control the giggle wave that’s about to crash over him.

CNN should keep a bucket of freezing cold water on hand for just such an occasion. Or a completely humorless Anderson clone? Both?

Your hands cannot save you now, Cooper. Also, you are still on camera.

And here is where he remembers that he still has to stay “Dyngus” approximately 8,000 more times before the segment is over.

Good thing Anderson had those napkins on hand to laugh into! Or laughkins, if you will. Good planning, guys.

[Photo: CNN]

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