Lana Del Rey Is Just Messing With Us, Isn’t She?


So, after Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba denied that Axl Rose is dating Lana Del Rey, despite the fact that the two were seen leaving L.A.’s Chateau Marmont together last week, Del Rey herself seems to be muddying the waters here. She was seen performing at London’s Jazz Cafe and later arriving at London hotspot Shoreditch House wearing a GNR T-shirt and grinning mischievously, leaving us all to wonder if:

A) They are dating, and Axl doesn’t really feel the need to share everything with his bandmembers.

B) She’s just a really big fan, as she indicated with her song, “Axl Rose Husband.”

C) She’s just f—ing with us all.

We suspect C. Lana is nothing if not a master of her sexed-up image. If you want to stop picturing what a Lana-Axl couple means for the future of music and humanity in general, watch some videos of her actual performance at the Jazz Club here. We kind of wish she’d start performing “Lana Del Rey’s Hunger Games” at these gigs. That would REALLY blow our minds.

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[Photos: Splash News Online]

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