10 Crazy New Mel Gibson Allegations, Courtesy Of His Former Screenwriter


It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to a glimpse into Mel Gibson‘s tortured psyche. Remember those leaked phone calls? Memories! The nine page letter written to Mel by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, as posted on The Wrap, really brings us back…mostly because it references Gibson’s alleged antisemitism. Repeatedly. “I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason you won’t make The Maccabees is the ugliest possible one,” Eszterhas writes. “You hate Jews.” In case you didn’t know, Mel was allegedly working on a film about the Jewish folk hero Judah Maccabee. When those plans fell through, seems like Eszterhas was enraged enough to fire off a lengthy rant, loaded with some creepily familiar accusations.

Gibson has already responded to the letter, claiming in part, “I am not going to respond to it line by line, but I will say that the great majority of the facts as well as the statements and actions attributed to me in your letter are utter fabrications.” The letter is infinitely tl;dr, but in case you were curious what horrible new allegations could be made against Mel, we picked out the 10 most insane ones. Reader beware: some of them are downright disturbing…

  • Mel has alletedly been keeping up with his conspiracy theories: “You said most ‘gatekeepers’ of American companies were ‘H—s’ who ‘controlled their bosses.’ You said the Holocaust was ‘mostly a lot of horses—.'”
  • Mel knows his history. Well, a history, anyway: “You said that a ‘liberal Jewish conspiracy’ was responsible for the death of Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciani, a conspiracy which your father, Hutton, told me was completed when a cardinal sat on the Pope’s face and suffocated him.”

  • Mel may have not been doing The Maccabees for the right reasons: “‘What I really want to do with this movie,’ you said, ‘is to convert the Jews to Christianity.'”
  • Mel is still really, really mad at his ex Oksana Grigorieva: “You turned to Nick and said, ‘I want to f— her (Oksana) in the a– and stab her to death while I’m doing it.'”
  • Mel is allegedly not a fan of John Lennon: “I’m glad he’s dead. He deserved to be shot. He was f—ing messianic. Listen to his songs! “Imagine.” I hate the f—ing song. I’m glad he’s dead.”
  • Or Walter Cronkite: “I hate him! He appeals to stupid people!”
  • Or God, sometimes: “‘Answer me, God! Why did you turn your back on me!? F— you! F— you!’ You stepped a few feet away and screamed into the sky. ‘I’m not gonna take it up the a– anymore and say, ‘Thank you, your honor!'”
  • Mel seems to know he has a problem: “‘I have all this rage, and I don’t know why. I’ve trying therapy, but no one can tell me why I’m so angry. Therapy doesn’t work.'”
  • Mel is mad he’s not People’s Sexiest Man Alive anymore: “You hurled your cell phone into a wall and started to scream, ‘I look so f—ing old! I look horrible! That f—ing w—- is destroying me! She’s taking my looks! I hate her!'”
  • Oh right, and most tragically, Mel has a tiny daughter: “You’re sitting quietly with Luci at the kitchen counter in Malibu. She suddenly slaps you across the face…hard. You stare at her and say, ‘Why did you hit Daddy, Luci?’ She looks at you and quickly says, ‘I’m sorry, Daddy. I love you.’ Neither of you smiles.”

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