In Honor Of Tax Day: The 12 Sexiest Celebrity Tax Evaders Ever!


Everyone knows that not paying taxes can become a celebrity’s legacy. (Go with me on this.) When someone mentions Willie Nelson or Wesley Snipes, if you don’t automatically make a joke about weed or Passenger 57, the next easy go-to in your bag of Nelson-Snipes jokes is totally about tax evasion, I just know it. But stars who don’t abide by the tax code are such a common thing that it’s not that shocking anymore once you hear who’s been in hot water for it. Martha Stewart. Snoop Dogg. Val Kilmer. Teri Polo! Clearly she wasn’t reporting her income from being a Miss America judge.

So sure, lots of celebs get in trouble for it, but haven’t we all wondered who the sexiest tax evaders are? We sure have:

12. Burt Reynolds

This centerfold was no angel (see what I did there?), Burt owed the state of California $225,000 back in 1996.


11. Sophia Loren

Back in the early 1980’s, Sophia owed Italy over $600,000. You know if Berlusconi was president back then, she would have gotten away with it.

10. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe literally forgot to pay $269,956 to the Feds. He’s paying for it with a role as one of the most committed public servants ever on Parks And Rec.

10. Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn earned a name for herself on Twin Peaks playing Audrey Horne, but it’s her ability to file her 1099 on time that blows.

9. Wes Bentley

Despite starring in patriotic-sounding American Beauty, Wes kept at least $203,883 stashed in a beautiful, blowy grocery bag under his bed.

8. Naomi Campbell

Just when you thought Naomi could not be a worse person, you Google “Celebrity Tax Evaders” and her name pops up. She owed $63,287 at one point, which is equal to three blood diamonds or 120 Swarovski covered phones to throw.

7. Dawn Wells

Once Mary Ann left Gilligan’s Island (a tax haven if there ever was one), she accumulated $80,520 in back taxes.

6. Paul Hogan

I would not normally say Paul Hogan is anything but leathery, but a) I get weak for pictures of rugged men lighting cigarettes, and b) this dude owed the most of anyone on this list, Australia has him on the hook for $34 million, so he wins everything.

5. Billy Zane

I’m going to let Billy Zane’s unpaid tax bill slide because tax day falls so close to the anniversary of the Titanic sinking that I bet he has a lot on his mind. Incidentally, the amount he owed, $116,578 is .19% of Titanic‘s worldwide box office.

4. Timothy Geithner

Our Treasury Secretary landed in hot water when it was revealed that he didn’t pay Social Security taxes. He also needs to pay up, he definitely needs to pay some kind of “looking coy and adorable” surcharge.

3. Jeff Bridges

There was a time when The Dude was not so responsible and owed upwards of $23,997.

2. Sean Connery

Sean Connery owed $2,000,000 worth of taxes, but it’s cool because he owed it to Spain, not us, so it’s like it never happened.

1. Prince

As a Jehovah’s Witness, Prince does not say the Pledge of Allegiance, and he’ll never run for political office, sing the National Anthem, or vote. So let’s consider the $500,000 he didn’t pay in taxes a discount, like a Groupon for being American. And he is one sexy American.

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