Diego Boneta Vows Tom Cruise’s Singing Will Blow Your Mind In Rock Of Ages


We all sawTom Cruise scramble down the side of a towering glass skyscraper in Ghost Protocol. It is any surprise he’d bring the same intensity to hair metal? Rock of Ages star Diego Boneta solemnly promises that Tom Cruise’s performance will knock our neon scrunch socks clear out of our Reebok high tops. “As a singer, Tom blew me away,” Boneta explained. “He was preparing eight hours a day for four months just taking vocal lessons. He was taking four hours of guitar every day. Then he’d get up on stage and just let go, just be a rock star. Like he didn’t put one hour of preparation into it!” And that’s not even considering the hours Tom spent in the gym to become a sinewy rock god. Have you seen that man’s torso in the movie’s promo photos? That, friends, is an eight-hour-a-day torso.

Considering Boneta, who plays Julianne Hough’s lovah in the ’80s-tastic musical movie, is himself a Mexican pop star, we take his word for it that Cruise’s vocal stylings are gasp-worthy. “It’s so overwhelming in a good way,” Diego laughed about the film. Oh, we believe you, Diego. Again, did you see that torso?

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