Get Lucky With The Hottest Ladies Of The Friday The 13th Movies


Uh oh, you guys. It’s Friday the 13th, and we all know that’s up there with black cats, breaking mirrors and opening umbrellas in the house! Bad stuff can go down if you’re not careful today, like stubbing your toe, missing your bus, ripping your shirt…or getting chased by a chainsaw-wielding dude in a hockey mask! Yes, Friday the 13th can be a bit of  a drag. So that’s why we’ve assembled this list of the hottest women from the Friday The 13 horror film, both the original and 2009 remake! So check out the gallery below to see all of the super sexy women who’ve been terrorized on the big screen by Jason Voorhees and his deadly chainsaw. Hopefully it’ll bring you good luck…or at least make you feel better about all the bad luck you’ve been having! And hang in there, tomorrow’s another day.

[Photo: GQ/Getty Images]

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