Purple Panda Panic Raises The Question: What Was Your Dumbest Childhood Fear?


Here’s a video of Mr. Rogers’ pal Mr. McFeely introducing a Purple Panda to a group of kids, and the kids are absolutely terrified. Several sites have posted this video with the question “Is it wrong to laugh at this?”, to which I say, of course it’s not wrong – kids fleeing in tearful panic for no reason is completely hilarious.

It’s hilarious because at some point in our lives, we were these kids, being legitimately, truthfully afraid of something seemingly benign because we saw it through our ignorantly-perceptive child-eyes, and we can all relate to this panic. It’s also just regular hilarious (sorry kids!):

This raises the question: What was your dumbest childhood fear?

I’ll go first. I was scarred for life by the Temple Of Doom bugs scene, but when I saw that again years later, I realized I was completely correct for having that fear.

My dumbest childhood fear, though, was that I absolutely COULD NOT look at the screen when the Sesame Street ‘Yip Yip’ aliens were on. When they came on, I’d literally run out of the room. They scared me so much, one time they showed up on one of those Kermit ‘News Flash’ segments and I couldn’t watch the Kermit segments after that for fear that they might show up again.

Biggest childhood fear in the Comments, please. Unless your biggest fear remains internet-commenting, in which case, cool.

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