Listen To Tallulah Willis, Girls, And Don’t Starve Yourselves Before Coachella


After seeing Scout Willis’ dreamy video and writing on, we were hoping that Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ other fashionable daughters would get in on the game too. So we’re thrilled that 18-year-old Tallulah has done just that. And doubly thrilled by what she has to say in the video as she models her Bohemian vintage clothing and flea market jewelry.

Talking about the freedom of her childhood, which was largely spent in Idaho, she said Demi “was very much like, love your body, love yourself, run around naked. Whatever we wanted to do, [she] was, like, very accepting.”

And that accepting attitude (rather than the insecurity we suspect was at the heart of Moore’s recent trip to rehab) seems to have made Tallulah realize that she doesn’t need to succumb to the same pressures her friends do, particularly at this time of year.

“So many friends of mine have had eating disorders, especially before Coachella,” she admitted, quite timely, since the festival kicks off in Indio, California, today. “There’s this whole diet craze before, you just, like don’t eat anything for like a month. And it’s so bad, because everyone always talks about how that’s not important, but everyone on this inside, weird hidden place wants to be that. Wants to be that weird, skinny little person. It’s almost weird if you’re like ‘I love my body.’ … Everyone’s kind of like, ‘Oh, you’re conceited.’ I don’t have to be insecure to fit in! You don’t have to be insecure and hate yourself to fit in with the norm. Don’t be afraid of what people think. It’s just like, have fun!”

You hear that, girls? If Ashley Judd and Demi Lovato haven’t gotten through to you about loving your body, maybe Tallulah’s breezy, relatable words will. And now we are going to hunt the world for our own pair of vintage, knee-high Frye boots. That’ll make us feel better about skipping Coachella this year.


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