Don’t Worry, Ladies: Marilyn Manson Still Single Despite Engagement Rumors


Ladies, stop your hysterical sobbing! Stop ripping down your Marilyn Manson posters and setting fire to your Antichrist Superstar t-shirt! Despite what your Google Alert for “Marilyn Manson engaged” might have found this morning, the shock rocker is still blissfully unattached. Life & Style first reported that Manson and heavily eye-linered actress/filmmaker Seraphim Ward were to be joined in unholy matrimony after only five weeks of dating. However, according to Manson’s publicist, “Marilyn Manson is not engaged to Seraphim Ward. He has never met her.” See, so there is still a chance for you two to end up together! Now let’s just calm down, and redraw those pentagrams on your bedroom wall where they belong.

As it turns out, Ward is actually betrothed…to Marilyn’s ex-bandmate Pogo, or as he was known while serving as Manson’s keyboardist, Madonna Wayne Gacy. “I am NOT engaged to Marilyn Manson, I look up to him and his work! I am with an x-bandmate, but it is NOT Manson!,” Ward wrote on Twitter this afternoon after a tweeted photo of her engagement ring ended up plastered across several media sites. “I am beyond words still. I admire Marilyn Mansion so much, but never have even dated him. I thought I was with someone that was my life partner, Pogo‚Ķuntil today…not cool and someone needs to move out asap!” You tell ‘em, girl! Never settle for second best! And by second best, we mean anyone who isn’t Marilyn Manson, which you probably could have guessed from the context!

[Photo: Getty Images/Twitter]

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