Pippa Middleton In Deep After Friend Points Gun At Paparazzo In France


Well, this was … unwise. Pippa Middleton was in the front passenger seat of a convertible, driving through Paris on Saturday, when the driver looked back and aimed a gun at a photographer. The, um, intrepid photo-journalist, continued to snap pictures of the smiling Pippa and her friends, and then promptly went to the police and London’s The Sun. (The tabloid, of course, painted quite the picture of the “chilling moment the barrel of what looks like a semi-automatic stared straight down his lens.”)

Now all four parties in the Audi are facing some serious charges for the little stunt. Because not only is it against the law to point guns at people (oh, those French!), but it’s also illegal to be knowingly involved in the misuse of a weapon. Those photos are going to make it pretty hard to prove that Pippa and company didn’t know what was going on — unless that smile is how she expresses shock? “Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest and interrogation,” a source told The Sun. The driver and the passengers could face up to seven years in prison. Even if the gun proves to be a fake (and somehow, we doubt the owner of an Audi convertible who happens to be friends with Pippa would be carrying a water gun), the accused gun-pointer could face a two-year sentence.

The Sun’s royal editor Duncan Larcombe told Good Morning America that the three men in the car with Pippa were French aristocrats and that she was in town to celebrate the birthday of one of them, fashion mogul Arthur de Soultrait. Police are “poised” to launch an investigation into the matter and the photographer has yet to file a formal complaint.

Oh, boy. We’re sure the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had happier ways in mind to commemorate their one-year anniversary than bailing out Kate’s sister.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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