A Very Thoughtful Danny McBride Interview About The Eastbound And Down Finale


Here’s a very down-to-earth and thoughtful interview with Danny McBride about Sunday’s Eastbound And Down finale, which may or may not be the series finale. He shares his thoughts on Season 3, a ‘future’ for Kenny Powers, and the series in general with an appealing degree of thoroughness which may surprise some readers, since we all know that making comedy is effortless and skill-less and anyone can do it because there’s swear words in it and it does not deserve the recognition of a timeless meaningful classic drama like Slumdog Millionaire.

Personally, I really loved this season of Eastbound; I wasn’t totally on board with the Mexico plotline in Season 2, and kept questioning the whole time if I was just in a bad mood or being unreasonably harsh towards the far-more-anticipated sophomore season of the initially non-hyped series, but the last two episodes of Season 2 were vintage, hilarious Eastbound, and almost all of Season 3 has continued that trend. I thought the Finale was perfect, too, with Kenny Powers having an epiphany but still doing it in the most truthful, Kenny-Powers-iest way possible, confirming the character’s sense of ego even in his moments of greatest altruism (and basically elaborately setting up one joke, which was a tremendous payoff.)

Check out the interview here if you have a second (Spoilery, if you haven’t watched the finale). If you have watched the finale, feel free to leave your Eastbound Season 3 thoughts / end-of-series lamentations in the Comments.

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