Johnny Depp Latest In Long, Varied List Of Celebs Sued For Bodyguards’ Actions


The lawsuit filed against Johnny Depp, his security detail and the Hollywood Palladium in connection with an incident at an Iggy and the Stooges concert last December (and made available on E! Online) is making us cringe, a lot. Not that we know how much of it is true, but the allegations made by “Jane Doe,” a disabled physician and med school professor, are pretty horrifying: Early in the night, she says some guards tried to block her from getting back to her seat in the VIP section, telling her to go to around to a different entrance, which she didn’t want to do since she didn’t have her cane with her. Later, she alleges that the bodyguards tried to forcefully pry her iPhone out of her hand, dragged her up to a balcony area and then proceeded to handcuff and drag her out in a manner that caused her pants to fall down “exposing her buttocks to the other Hollywood Palladium patrons.” She says she suffered “severe trauma and extensive injuries” as a result. The suit also says that Depp was looking on and talking to his bodyguards throughout the night, and thus directing their actions.

While we wait to see how this drama unfolds, we thought we’d look back (not so fondly) at the wide variety of celebrities who’ve been caught up in similar situations, due to their overzealous security team, overly aggressive fans and photographers, or, more likely, an unfortunate combination of the two.

  • In 2004, Prince and his bodyguards were sued by college student Anthony Fitzgerald who said they confiscated his camera after he snapped a photo of the artist in Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport. Prince countersued for invasion of privacy and violation of copyright and trademark law. The fact that we can’t find anything on the conclusion of this conflict leads us to believe both parties settled this quietly.

  • Also in 2004, Janet Jackson was sued by a Bronx man who said her security team beat him up when he tried to pass her his phone number at Manhattan hot spot Marquee. His suit was thrown out by a judge due to lack of evidence.
  • Joining the anti-Michael Bay camp in 2008 were Joshua Stewart and Paul Klimczak, who said they were pistol-whipped by the Transformers director’s bodyguard in a nightclub and sued in 2010. But the lawsuit was thrown out when it was determined that the guy wasn’t Bay’s employee and the director wasn’t anywhere near the club.
  • In 2009, Chris Brown and his guards were sued by photographer Robert Rosen, who snapped pics of the singer at a gym that March. Rosen said he was grabbed by the shorts by LA Fitness employees and assaulted by Brown’s bodyguard. The suit was settled in 2010.
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce had a near miss in 2009, when their bodyguard Julius was videotaped tossing a photographer’s tripod into the sea in Croatia. Julius was facing jail time, but Croatian law enforcement decided only to fine him. And we suppose that’s why the couple still spend a number of vacations in the Eastern European country. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard much from the angry parents who said security wouldn’t let them into the maternity ward of Lenox Hill Hospital during the birth of Blue Ivy.
  • In 2010, things got ugly in a Houston airport, when West Point cadet Richard King was videotaped being beaten by Patti LaBelle’s security guards (one of whom happens to be LaBelle’s son). King is suing the singer and her entourage, LaBelle is suing King, and her son is suing Continental for serving King too many drinks on the flight.

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