Josh Hutcherson’s Pit Bull Pup Joins Our Long List Of Squee-Inducing Celeb Pets


If you could hear us right now, you might suspect we’d run a marathon up the side of Mt. Everest. If you could see us, however, you’d know we would never, ever, ever do that, and are instead hyperventilating over how insanely cute Josh Hutcherson looks with his new puppy in these photos on ONTD. “Way to go Josh! Josh just adopted a Blue Pit puppy from a pit rescue!!,” the Hunger Games actor’s official fan Facebook page said today. “Thanks to Josh, he now has a full stomach, warm bed and a loving owner!” Seriously, would you just look at those little eyes and that adorable nose!? And the dog’s cute too! Just kidding! Just kidding again; we really do want to eat both their faces, but in a nice way.

Of course, Josh isn’t the first famous dog owner to give us a cuteness-induced asthma attack. In fact, he is now one of many in our 30 (now 31) cutest celeb pets gallery. Just as a warning: if you go through this entire gallery, you will squee so much you lose consciousness.

[Photo: ONTD]

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