Miley Cyrus Is Edgy For Exercise, Watches Her Modesty In A Playsuit


After getting caught with no knickers on last week, Miley Cyrus isn’t taking any chances with her wardrobe. The flashing incident went down at her Pilates class, which she attends fairly regularly. Photographers caught a glimpse of her, erm, unclothed nether regions as she was climbing into her car. But you know what? That happened a whole eight days ego. Multiply that by seven and you get that translated into Hollywood time. That leaves more than enough room for reinvention. Miley seems to be channeling a foreboding alter-ego what with the skulls and the biker boots. She also seems to be making sure her modesty is firmly in place and out of the general public’s eyes in this figure-hugging playsuit.

Now, we have a confession to make. We probably got out of the really good side of the bed because — and don’t judge us — we’re kinda digging the playsuit. Yes, guys, The skull playsuit. We don’t hate it. We think Miley pulls it off. Even the boots. Okay? Team Miley and her skulls, FTW!

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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