Rihanna Posts A Bikini Malfunction On Facebook


Rihanna has been very generous in sharing her vacation photos on Facebook, and in making us realize how much our lives all suck compared to hers. The singer’s FB albums have become almost as anticipated as her music albums, in no small part because they feature her bikini-clad self in glorious locations, drinking some fantastical tropical drink concoction under the warm Caribbean sun. It makes us feel kinda insecure about our vending machine coffee.

Riri’s latest vacay swimsuit extravaganza (from her Hawaii trip in January) dropped last night, and it’s easily her hottest yet. She surfs (in a bikini)! She swims (in a bikini)! She lies down (in a bikini)! Then she mixes it up and ditches the bikini for some skinny dipping under a waterfall. It’s like an R-Rated Bob Ross painting! What’s more, she even posted a bikini-centric wardrobe malfunction (NSFW), which occurred while she was spraying her body with tanning oil for the cameras. Innocent accident, or…not so much? We’re not sure, but Mark Zuckerberg’s gonna be pissed. Check out her 30 hottest new vacation pics in the gallery below!

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[Photo: Facebook]

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