Vampire Diaries Star Joseph Morgan Would Like To Meet A Real Evil Mastermind


Listen, actors: We know that your job is to play completely fictional characters and that you are not necessarily anything like the people you pretend to be. But it is still really fun to imagine, for instance, that when Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan saunters into a small office space in Times Square, that we are actually being visited by Original vampire Klaus himself. You should all take this as a compliment to your skills, not necessarily as proof that we are delusional idiots (even though we definitely are sometimes).

Anyway, that’s why we decided to ask Morgan if he’d ever met any real-life evil masterminds who inspired his charismatic-yet-chilling portrayal of the man who kept his family locked in coffins for hundreds of years, held Stefan hostage for most of this season and terrorized Mystic Falls with his own army of vampire-werewolf hybrids.

“Not in real life, no,” the 30-year-old Brit laughed. “I’ve been inspired by many fictional evil masterminds, you know, in developing Klaus, but luckily … I don’t think I’d survive if I met an evil mastermind like Klaus. I think it would be fascinating. I think New York is probably where I would meet one as well. There’s got to be an evil corporate mastermind here that could rival [Klaus].”

We New Yorkers should be offended, by the way. As Morgan told Big Morning Buzz today, NYC is his favorite American city and he’d love to live here. Also, he explained how they film vampire speed-walking. Check it out below. And check back here for more from our chat with him later this week!

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