Forbes Ranks Diddy The #1 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist. Can You Guess The Rest?


It’s probably no surprise that a man who drapes himself in fur and hosts an annual White Party would come in at number one on Forbes‘ Top 5 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists list for the second year in a row. How do they all avoid getting ketchup all over themselves? It just doesn’t add up.

With a net worth of $550 million dollars, Diddy is currently living large off Bad Boy, Ciroc, Sean John and a host of other ventures. Forbes projects that Diddy’s Comcast cable channel Revolt might make the rapper a billionaire in 2013, and make us want to weep into our hands after paying our student loan bill. Who are the other rappers at the top of the (financial) game, you ask? Click through to find out. We’ll give you a hint: it’s probably exactly who you’d think it would be.

2) Jay-Z: $460 million. In addition to touring, Jay made a buttload of cash selling Rocawear in 2004. On an unrelated note, the fact Bey isn’t on this list yet is a travesty.
3) Dr. Dre: $270 million. Dre’s fortune doubled in the last year, and he’s got the company behind Beats by Dre to thank for it! Oh right, and all of us for shelling out the dough to buy them.
4) Birdman: $125 million. As the cofounder of Cash Money Records, Birdman is profiting off our love of Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil’ Wayne. One day, you three. One day…
5) 50 Cent: $110 million. Fiddy made $100 in 2007 from selling his stake in Vitaminwater. Coincidentally, that’s what we just spit all over our computer screen after we realized how filthy rich these guys are. Do you think…do you think any of them would buy is a new laptop?

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