Jennifer Lawrence Plays With Toys, Busts Out Her Stank Face On Spanish TV


Even though the show is recorded for Spanish TV, Jennifer Lawrence‘s priceless reactions on Spain’s El Hormiguero today could transcend any language barrier. Everyone in the world enjoys it when celebrities have no idea what’s going on, right? Besides looking alternately repulsed and ecstatic, Jennifer took part in a number of other semi-humiliating activities. For example, busting out her archery skills in a non-cinematic environment and, uh, slicing a watermelon in half for some reason. Welcome to the A-list, lady! Check your Oscar nom at the door!

Lawrence also really got into playing with Hunger Games dolls of Katniss, Peet and Gale. Based on her stunned expression, handling an action figure of yourself must be as unsettling as we think it would be. Actually, now that we mention it, this entire show must be as unsettling as we think it would be. Then again, seeing as how Adam Sandler had to, um, shock himself in the crotch when he was on the show with Jennifer Aniston in February, we’d say Lawrence dodged a bullet. Unless…unless that’s what’s behind all of Jennifer’s insane grimacing? We just thought she was reacting to that weird worm puppet! This changes everything!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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