Katy Perry’s Red Carpet Dress Flirts With A Nip Slip…Not That She Cares


Oh, was Katy Perry‘s dress totally falling down on the ASCAP Pop Awards red carpet last night? Kary didn’t even notice; she was too busy winning. We know that’s probably just a momentarily goofy face she’s making, but we love, love, love the insane cocky smirk Perry was rocking as her gown started to slide down. If we were Katy Perry, we’d probably “accidentally” let our tops fall off all the time. But we’re not, so the people in line behind us at Dunkin’ Donuts just yell at us instead. We get it, guys! Jeez!

Maybe Katy was a little distracted because she has a new special someone? Photos from Coachella this past Sunday show Perry hand-in-hand with Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. If she’s feeling that rush of butterflies, she might not have immediately noticed she was about to pull a complete Tara Reid. Or, seeing as how both Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have already come precariously closed to unleashing the girls on an unsuspecting red carpet in the last couple months, maybe 2012 is destined to be the year of the almost nip slip for everybody? Maybe these ladies are actually trend-setters? See, we knew it! We’ll be right back; we have to go tell everyone at Dunkin’ Donuts to shut up!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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