Paul F. Tompkins Tells A Chilling Tale About Matt Damon’s Alien Cubes


Here’s Paul F. Tompkins appearing on Conan last night to discuss, among other things, an oddly affecting story about his lone day of filming with Matt Damon on the set of The Informant!

Long story short, Matt Damon eats mysterious gelatinous cubes on set, and even after this is explained, it’s way more fun and plausible to assume that he’s some sort of alien creature who’s assumed movie-star status so he can continue eating cubes without appearing to be anything other than a standardly eccentric A-Lister. Long story even shorter, Matt Damon is an alien.

Watch the video after the jump, because it plays automatically (what is this, the flash website for a comedy restaurant?):

(via Team Coco)

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